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The aim of Patents4Innovation.org is to promote innovation and competition in e-Europe. The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers are about to decide on the future of the patent system in Europe. Our aim is to guarantee future European Economic Innovation and to protect the inventions of big and small enterprises alike. On this site we try to explain the debate currently going on about the Computer Implemented Inventions draft Directive and to shed light on the different approaches regarding this complex subject, especially why we believe that CIIs are beneficial for Europe’s investment climate and European Innovation. Patented Computer Implemented Inventions include Automatic braking systems and directions provided by GPS, SMS messaging services, MP3 players or DVDs. The list is endless.


  • Industry condemns Council failure to support European high-tech innovation - 23/12/2004
  • UK Minister for Science & Innovation Lord Sainsbury supports the Council political agreement on CII - 15/12/2004
  • Reinvigorating the Lisbon process: an EICTA view - 07/12/2004
  • European technology industry launches new campaign for a rational European patent policy - 09/11/2004
  • European high tech industry strongly supports draft directive on Computer-Implemented Inventions - 05/11/2004